Be-Ge Celebrates its 80th Year in Business

Stina Eneman News

When our founder Bror Göthe Persson took over the import and sales of Ford motorcars in Oskarshamn back in 1934 . He was somewhat of a visionary with an early insight into the role and importance the then “infant” automotive industry was about to play in the world.

In 1941 Be-Ge cars became sales agent for Scania Vabis trucks and this is where Be-Ge’s fascination and involvement in trucks & buses began, today we still remain the World’s oldest Scania dealer. In 1946 AB Be-Ge Karosserifabrik was established to manufacture truck cabs. It was quite common back then for truck manufacturers to outsource production of cabs to independent bodybuilders and Bror Göthe Persson realised that there was a potential, not just to make a cab similar to other cabs on the market, but lead the way on improving manufacture, design, comfort and more importantly safety.

Due to Scania’s continued expansion, in 1966, Scania-Vabis acquired ownership of our cab manufacturing plant (Scania still manufactures truck cabs on this site today in Oskarshamn and is one of Kalmar County’s largest employers).

Even back in the 1940’s Bror Göthe Persson valued the importance of vehicle safety and was a pioneer in truck occupant safety and began testing our cab strength in three directions vertically and dynamically. This was virtually unheard of at the time and even though its something we take for granted as a norm today, it shows the pioneering spirit and importance in safety within Be-Ge right from its early days.

Bror Göthe Persson then turned his attention to driver comfort and introduced the World’s first driver suspension seat, again this is something we take for granted as standard equipment today, back then competitors seating was basic bench seats with the only hope of comfort coming from mattress type springs in the seat cushion.

We have spent many years listening to customers and end users of our seats coming up with innovations and developments to improve the quality of life of drivers. Focussing on Whole Body Vibration and involving top Swedish Ergonomic experts in our seat designs.

We aim to improve the quality of life for people in the “Driving Seat” with features such as lumbar support, clever ergonomics, mechanical/air suspension, seat tilt, slide, height adjust, recline, swivels and adjustable armrests.

Now run by the third generation of Bror Göthe’s family, today there is a bit of Bror Göthe’s pioneering spirit in all of us at Be-Ge.

We have our manufacturing plants based in Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania & Holland and a network of dealers spanning the globe. We are proud of what we do and its reflected in the products we produce. Our investment in vehicle seating safety testing puts us at the forefront of seating supply solutions.

On a final note why did we choose the name Be-Ge? the reason was that no one could pronounce Bror Göthe’s name correctly, so he earned the nick name “Be-Ge”

Gary Shaw, Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd