Be-Ge Construction and Excavator Seating Solutions

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Be-Ge Seat Solutions for Construction Excavator and Dump Trucks

Our Be-Ge 3000 seat is specified in leading OEM construction, excavator and dump truck manufacturers as their high end option seat. This is to cater for the growing demand especially from “owner operators” who see their vehicle as their “working office” and request a luxury seat with excellent vibration properties. We also offer a wide range of armrest/joystick controls, Isolation dampers both 2 and 4 way which can be adjusted on 6 levels.

Our options list is endless to cater for even the most demanding customers and considering our seat can cost less than 0.5% of the total vehicle cost. The seat is the one unit in the vehicle that is the direct interface between the driver and the rest of the machine, the correct seat offers the most satisfaction from drivers in terms of operation, working functionality and comfort.

Our Be-Ge 30-/31-series is our newest series of air suspended seats that offer maximum comfort combined with a heavy duty design and innovative solutions.

The Be-Ge seat offers many settings options and flexible adjustment.You can, for example, choose whether to locate the controls in front or to the right or left side. Our Be-Ge C & F range (Construction & Forestry), has been further adapted to handle demanding applications. For example, extra side support has been greatly increased to give the occupant more stable seating in rough terrain environments, also available If your vehicle does not have an air connection, a built in compressor is also available as an option.

When driving a complicated construction machine where precision operations are vital, you need a steady hand to make accurate movements. We are pleased to offer In co-operation with our partners Sittab, all your controls at your fingertips

Our Be-Ge Seats are also fully compatible with the Sittab range of 2 & 4 way isolator units keeping the driver in the same position no matter what the terrain.

Also available is our Be-Ge 7000 seat which is a reinforced air suspended driver seat that has been tried and tested over many years in the construction industry. It is designed to withstand the most extreme terrain working environments.

Our Be-Ge 7000 seat is equipped with stepless weight independent height adjustment, it can also be specified with a pneumatic system (+ / -). The controls for the quick air release for comfortable entry and exit and the stepless height adjustment can be mounted on either side of the seat. This model can also be equipped with a seat cushion extension, which provides easier adjustment of the length of the seat in order to sit in the most ergonomical position.The backrest is reinforced and 640 mm high. 3” lapbelt is supplied as standard, options include our XSS foam for even more added comfort for the driver.

Gary Shaw, Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd