Be-Ge Gains full Approval on the New Toyota Proace

Stina Eneman News

Be-Ge are proud to announce the latest vehicle successfully tested with our Jany range of M1 passenger seats fully witnessed and approved by TÜV Rheinland. The Toyota Proace is Toyota’s move into the mid-size van market with Japanese built quality you come to expect from the Toyota brand and our Jany range of passenger seats suit the vehicle perfectly.

Gary Shaw from Be-Ge explains ” The Proace is the first vehicle to emerge from Toyota’s European market collaboration with French conglomerate PSA a long lasting relationship that is expected to continue until 2020, and the new Proace is based on the Citroen Dispatch and Peugeot Expert models.”

The vehicle is agile and its strong chassis design lends itelf as an ideal vehicle for specialist conversions, the scope and potential using our seats is endless, in general it is a massive vehicle in a very neat compact package. Using our unique fully approved bonded twinplate flooring system, conversion is easy, quick and more importantly enables you to convert the vehicle with full European Type Approval.

“Once we saw the specs of the vehicle and its range of three “best in PSA class” Euro 5 compliant engines offering fuel tank range of 770 miles between fill ups, we knew that the new Toyota had taxi and wheelchair accessible written all over it and we made it our priority to get our popular 862 tip/fold seats fully approved in the vehicle.”

Our comprehensive testing documentation using 100% Be-Ge products means that no further testing by the customer is required. We will provide all the relevant documentation to submit to the VCA or VOSA to get you through the IVA, NSSTA or even full blown ECWVTA if you require.

In terms of Type Approval we have done all the testing for you, so your seating becomes a paperwork exercise with no testing whatsoever required by the customer.

Be-Ge Solutions are extremeley cost effective, not only are they extremely easy to fit and keep labour to a minimum, our unique bonded twin plate is designed to be “seat specific” saving costs and weight in comparison with fitting a full aluminimum floor. We will provide all the training for your installers and provide training certificates as part of your Conformity of Production. The Toyota Proace has been approved to fit the entire 800 series range of Jany M1 and N1 seats and accompanies the testing we have already done on the existing Toyota Hiace range so no matter what the requirement, we are sure we can come up with a Jany solution for you.

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