Be-Ge Jany Complete Seat Testing Programme for Vehicles ECE R14.07

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Be-Ge Jany Complete Seat Testing Programme for Vehicles ECE R14.07

Be-Ge Seating group are pleased to announce that they have successfully completed their Testing Programme ahead of the ECE R14.07 rules coming into force 1st November 2014.

The new rules which stipulates that the seat must not displace more than 10 degrees under pull testing (Crash test conditions).

Whilst modifications to our seat to meet the criteria is an engineering feat in itself, the only true way to establish if you meet the rules is to test the seats in the actual vehicle shell itself to allow for vehicle floor crumple zones.

Over the past 18 months we have embarked on the largest testing programme in our company history. We Upgraded our test rig to the latest 14.07 specifications to accurately measure and record the results.

We then had to go out and source vehicle shells for every popular European van, whilst established ranges were easy to source from scrap yards, new vehicle types such as Ford’s new Custom and V363 meant breaking new vehicles.

Our testing does not stop here though with current van models.We are already looking at the future and 2015 shows other manufacturers upgrading their van ranges with exciting models such as the new Vito & Sprinter from Mercedes, Transporter & Crafter from Volkswagen.