Be-Ge Jany Crew Cab Solutions for Vans

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Be-Ge Jany Crew Cab M1 Seating Solutions for Vans

The Be-Ge Jany range of M1 approved Crew Cab seats go beyond the standard bench seats offered by vehicle manufacturers

Our range of M1 seats are fully approved to the latest type approved standards in the majority of European van manufacturers, we can offer individual seating with options such as reclining, armrests, matching OEM trim or customer specified leather options.

The seats can also be turned around to to be either forward/rearward facing or be totally removed out of the vehicle when the customer requires the vehicle to be converted back into a van. We see our seats as an ideal solution for someone who wishes to use the full van for the weekly work, then convert it into passenger van at the weekend to carry their family around.

The system utilises our bonded twin plate system, which is easy to install and the seats are the same popular seats fitted into our Police customer vehicles.

Our Range of M1 and N1 Homologated Seating Solutions

We have a wide range of M1 and N1 homologated seating solutions to cover a vast range of vehicles, applications and budgets

Gary Shaw, Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd