Be-Ge Jany M1 Command and Control Solutions

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Be-Ge – Command and Control Solutions

Our range of Jany M1 tested command seats are used by a number of Police, Ambulance and Fire authorities in the UK

Fully tested to M1 European approvals, they enable officers to get to work on the move from the moment they leave the station on their way to an incident, but offer them the same level of safety and protection in the vehicle.

Our range of Mobile Camera van M1 seats offer the same level of protection with excellent ergonomics for long periods of sitting during the officers working shift.

All our Command and Control M1 seats come with a wide range of options including adjustable armrests, fully reclining function, 4 point rotation to lock the seat in forwards, rearwards and side facing positions. Our generous length seat slides and height adjustable function is also useful when dealing with the problem of different height officers needing to work at a desk or get to the eye level of a speed camera.

Be-Ge – Solutions in the Forestry Industry
Our Be-Ge 3000 seat has now being introduced by three major forestry machine OEM’s as their high end option seat, to cater for the growing demand of a luxury seat with excellent vibration properties, we also offer a wide range of armrest/joystick controls, Isolation dampers both 2 and 4 way which can be adjusted on 6 levels

We also offer as an option our Our HealthVib®inSeat indicating body vibration exposure in accordance with the EU Directives 2002/44EG concerning vibrations in the workplace