Be-Ge Jany Upgrades its Rig to the new Reg 14.07 Requirements for New Vehicle Types

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Be-Ge Jany Upgrades its Rig to the new Reg 14.07 Requirements for New Vehicle Type

Our Global supplier of M1 and N1 Seats, Be-Ge Jany A/S in Denmark, has in the past 6 months invested ina brand new “in house” test facilityThis massive investment in upgrading our old test rig from the previous 14.06 regulations to the latest 14.07 regulations was necessary to meet the new rules that came into force November 1st 2014. We feel this puts Be-Ge Jany A/S at the forefront of safety and this continued investment follows the company ethos since we started following the Reg 14 from its inception back in 1998.

The New 14.07 Rig also has the latest computer and digital monitoring equipment that allows our engineers to accurately measure the test results, the seats displacement and provide documented results for TÜV Rheinland . In fact our new test rig puts Be-Ge Jany on the same level as the leading European test houses.

Over the years we have seen the massive changes from the original Reg 14 through its various guises & demands and we were at the forefront of probably the biggest changes with M1/N1 seats back in 2009 when 14.06 was created that required 20G dynamic testing

The new 14.07 did not only mean we had to meet the 14.06 rules, but we also had to achieve this with the seat not being allowed to distort during crash test conditions more than 10 percent.

Reg 14.07 satisfies the new EU Rules of a tested and certified “stay away zone” protecting the occupant from obstructions such as the seat in front, cupboards or panels in the vehicle and we are pleased to announce that we have passed this test on popular European van conversions witnessed by TÜV Rheinlandand fully approved and documented by them.

“With our latest testing certified facilities we can continue 100% working up to the new testing regulations that fulfil the latest requirements from the EC and we can future-proof with respect to future demands”, says General Manager of Be-Ge Jany A/S Lene Støy Bech.

“It is fully in line with our goal at Be-Ge Jany A/S where we are ruthless on our focus on quality and safety, which is expressed in our company slogan Seats for Life.”

In our tests of the popular European vans, we examine what happens if the van is involved in an accidentOur Seats are therefore subjected to the most stringent tests as a passenger vehicle may undergo today.We test seats, bodywork and floor system together as an homologated solution on the new test facilitiesand of course there is a physical destructive test  not just a “finate calculation” or a “cross over of several manufacturers components” its a 100% Jany fully tested solution, emphasizes general manager Lene StøyBech.

The new test facility has been fully approved by TÜV Rheinland, which recognised by the VCA means that the Be-Ge Jany A / S can create full documentation to satisfy the National Small Series and Full Blown Type Approval without any testing or cost required by the customer in sourcing a shell and “hoping” they can meet the approvals.

The new approvals apply to “New Vehicle Types” which currently means anyone looking to convert the new Fords such as the Connect, Custom and its big “brother” the new V363, our customers can confidently fit our seats in these vehicles knowing that they meet the new requirements …. We are constantly keeping an eye on new designs and vehicle launches. We are working hard and already sourcing the next “New Vehicle Type” the new Mercedes Vito/Viano ahead of its launch and working with vehicle manufacturers on up and coming new vehicles as Volkswagen’s eagerly anticipated T6, Crafter and the new Mercedes Sprinter due the end of 2015. Our new test rig means no risk to the customer in sourcing new shells and the costs involved in new vehicle seat testing. With us its a “paperwork exercise” that guarantees Type Approval.

We did not stop there though, we decided to test existing vehicle types to the new rules as well, so the original chassis from the Volkswagen T5 & Crafter, Mercedes Vito & Sprinter, Renaults Traffic & Master, Vauxhalls/Opels Vivaro & Movano, Nissans Primastar & NV400, Peugeots Partner & Boxer, Citroen’s Dispatch & Relay, Fiats Scudo & Ducato have all been tested to the new 14.07 rules even though it is not a current requirement. We believe at Be-Ge Jany A/S that safety is not a minimum we should aim for, we need to make safety a necessity and make sure our products are tested in all vehicles to ensure maximum safety.

The main reasons for our investment is that the EU has come up with new requirements for how M1 and N1 are to be tested. The EU wants that fewer road fatalities and the goal is that by 2020 there should be 50fewer deaths than in 2010. The new rules that make cars safer to drive, with full backing from our Be-Ge Group we will help customers to achieve this goal with minimum costs to themselves.

Gary Shaw, Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd