Be-Ge Marine and Naval Seating Solutions

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Be-Ge supply a wide range of maritime seating solutions from large seagoing ferries, container ships and cruise liners through to smaller vessels dealing with harbour patrol, pilot boats, lifeboats and pleasure cruisers. From commercial shipping lines, naval vessels and private leisure boats, we can recommend a solution that matches your vessel perfectly.

Be-Ge is the World’s oldest suspension seat manufacturer and we know a thing or two about suspension seats and how vital they are in a seafairing environment. Our range of Marine seating solutions are based on our highly successful range of truck seating which are tried and tested for many thousand miles of useage.

When manouvering a vessel into port where precision operations are vital, you need a steady hand to make accurate movements. We are pleased to offer in co-operation with our partners Sittab, all your controls at your fingertips

Our Be-Ge Seats are also fully compatible with the Sittab range of 2 & 4 way isolator units which can help to keep the pilot in a level position during rough seas.

Our ergonomical design is not only comfortable, but keeps the seating occupant alert and its infinate adjustment means it can suit a wide range of occupants no matter what stature they may be.
Our basic Be-Ge model 8652 has a generous height adjustment of the backrest cushion, which is done with single lever, and length adjustment of the seat cushion. The lumbar support is infinitely adjustable, which provides a constant softness even when adjusted to its max point.
The High Back Be-Ge HBC-variant has a high backrest and integrated head support. This gives a complete support for the whole back, from the pelvis to the neck. Accessories like armrest, head rest, Be-Ge’s well known ”Airvent”, electrical heating, different kinds of turning devices etc are some of the equipments that makes the seat designed for each need.