Be-Ge New 31 Stone Drivers Seat

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Be-Ge introduce their new 31 Stone Drivers Seat

As a Nation we are getting larger and If trends continue, 60 per cent of men and 50 per cent of women will be obese by 2050. Whilst the government are ploughing millions on their healthy eating campaigns, it is still a “lifestyle choice” and it’s a problem that will not simply go away.

Be-Ge Seating is pleased to announce the launch of their 31 Stone driver’s seat aimed at tackling this global problem.

Gary Shaw from Be-Ge explains “The key is not to simply add more steel and reinforcing to reach your target safe working load, its to produce a seat which is in line with the gross weight limit of the vehicle and more importantly not to lose its vital functions and levels of comfort for the driver”

“Also you must look beyond the seats static safe working load. The engineering challenge is we are dealing with a moving vehicle so it’s safe working load fluctuates depending on factors such as the weight of the driver, speed & road conditions so Kinetic energy also has to be accounted for as heavy breaking could add up to 1.4 times the drivers weight to the seat at certain speeds. Something as simple as a pothole can give enough “jolt” to cause a standard seat failure, this could be disastrous for a bus driver carrying passengers”

Based on our well known 9000-series which is tried and tested in arduous forestry and heavy duty applications, the seat has added features such as reinforced backrest and seat cushion, up rated slider mechanism and armrests. The “heart” is its heavy duty Rotolift base with up rated shock and damping, height adjustment and rotation.

Gary Shaw, Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd