Be-Ge Range of Ergonomic Train Driver Seats for the Railway Industry

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Be-Ge Range of Ergonomic Train Driver Seats for the Railway Industry

When operating a train, you need a seat that is not only comfortable, but firm with good posture and adjustment to keep the driver alert. From the long haul intercity trains through to the “stop start” commuter, each train needs a seat that is designed around the cab and more importantly the operator.

During a working shift operating a train, the human back goes through every extremity not only from the driving position but from vibrations from the track and even in some cases simple “jolts” created by carriages engaging when moving off or coming to a halt.

A Common Misconception is a really soft spongy seat is the best option for maximum comfort, whilst this is true for the first hour of sitting, quickly the body does find this uncomfortable and occupants start to move in the seat trying to gain a suitable posture. In order to maintain a low level of VDV the seat must be firm with good support and with various adjustment levels of the seat to change the vibration direction on the human body throughout the working day.


Be-Ge range of seats have been established in the European Rail market for many years and have been installed in both new and refurbished trains in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. We have found that both UK Train drivers and ASLEF are demanding more and more comfortable drivers seats for the UK market and wish to replicate the train driver seat that is enjoyed by their European cousins and Be-Ge is being specified in UK Rail applications.

We are the driver’s seat of choice with leading operators such as DSB, SNCF, U-Bahn, RET, Nedtrain, LKAB, SNCB and WienerLinien

Our rail seats are Robust, have excellent ergonomics & vibration control, a wide range of adjustments such as gas assisted height adjustment & dampening,  adjustable armrests, lumbar support and slide rails to allow different height operators to sit comfortably at the controls.

We work closely with the Train drivers and Train Driver Unions to adapt our seats to suit their needs and can alter controls and functions exactly to the end users requirements. Using seating technology and know-how gained from our 24 hour operators chairs, we not only supply a seat that is comfortable to use and focuses on reducing back related injuries, but in this highly critical environment it is a train divers seat designed to keep the driver alert.

We at Be-Ge believe that the seat is the one unit in the vehicle that is the direct interface between the train driver and the rest of the train, by fitting the correct seat it will offer the most satisfaction from drivers in terms of operation, working functionality and comfort.

For more information and prices, please contact Gary Shaw, Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd