Be-Ge Seats for Heavy Forklift & Container Reachstackers

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Be-Ge Seats for Heavy Forklift & Container Reachstackers

We are a leading manufacturer of a wide range of seating solutions for the large scale 18-52 tonne forklift & port container handling equipment industry. Our forktruck seats are standard fit in a large range of OEM Forklift Reach Stackers Terminal Tractors RoRo machines and Shuttle Carriers.

Our robust tried and tested 9230 mechanical suspension forktruck seat is our most popular seat in the heavy forklift industry for its reliability, robustness, superior comfort and vast range of accesories and options.

Our Be-Ge range of air suspended and mechinical suspended forklift seats can be found in 18-52 tonne materials handling equipment used in container ports and heavy industries all over the World. Our Be-Ge 3130 airsuspended and our mechanical 3430 & 9230 series seats are extremely popular with OEM forklift and container machinery manufacturers. We can supply options such as lapbelts, armrests, control box adpators, seat buzzers to interface with the forklift, seat heating, built in compressors and a choice of fabrics & vinyls.

We at Be-Ge understand that forktruck drivers can spend long hours working in forklifts and they need a seat that is not only comfortable, but also meets the directives concerning vibration control in a fast pace environment of a container port where deadlines to turn ships around are not only very time critical, but also very costly if behind schedule.

Also positioning a container spreader to lock into a container is a skill that requires precision movment and a steady hand, we are pleased to offer In co-operation with our partners Sittab a wide range of joystick control boxes which offers all your controls at your fingertips. Stacking containers at 3 and 4 high also requires a premium view of the task ahead and our seats come equipped with stepless tilt adjustment for seat cushion -4º to +12º and quick release seat back adjustment.

We can also offer as an option our Our HealthVib®inSeat indicating body vibration exposure in accordance with the EU Directives 2002/44EG concerning vibrations in the workplace

Be-Ge is the World’s oldest suspension seat manufacturer and we know a thing or two about suspensions seats and how vital they are in an arduous heavy duty environment such as the forklift industry, we understand that they do not only need to be comfortable, but they also must be long lasting, easily accessible for repairs and a quick delivery of replacement spares in such a high value capital equipment machine as a forktruck. Our ergonomical design is not only comfortable, but keeps the seating occupant alert and its infinate adjustment means it can suit a wide range of occupants no matter what stature they may be.

For more information and prices, please contact Gary Shaw, Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd