CEN regulation CEN BS EN 1789:2007+A1:2010

Stina Eneman News

Are you ready for April 2012 with the latest CEN BS EN 1789:2007+A1:2010?

As ambulances move into the M1 category April 2012, the UK is in an enviable position to meet the requirement, with little or no changes needed to meet the M1 category.

This is mainly down to due diligence by the Fleet Managers insisting their fleets comply with the current CEN regulation.

Other parts of Europe are now waking up to the fact that they must comply with European legislation and in order to meet the current M1 criteria seats must comply with ECE 76/115 (Amendment 2005/41) and as we progress towards Type Approval, seats must comply with a new regulation ECE Reg 14 (M2/M3 Minibuses require ECE Reg 80).

We have already tested some new vehicles (including ambulances) to meet the new Type Approval and we will continue to work with builders to ensure the UK Ambulance market continues to lead the field with safety and legislation.

Gary Shaw, Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd