Dual Purpose Seating

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DPS Function – Clever Thinking

Air Suspension provides a driver with unrivaled levels of comfort, but what about when the road is slightly rough, the aggravated movement from the road surface can leave the driver “wallowing” around , which can get very annoying as a firm drivers seat position is required.

Our new Dual Purpose Seat is designed so the suspension can be deactivated and locked into the static position. In one simple movement the seat can change from soft and flexible on the motorway to firm and steady when the road conditions require.

Be-Ge & Sittab – Control’s at your fingertips

When driving a complicated Forestry or Industral machine where precision operations are vital, you need a steady hand to make accurate movements.

Our range of Be-Ge Seats are fully compatible with the Sittab range of armrests, joystick controls and their 2 & 4 way isolator units keep the driver in the same position no matter what the terrain.

Our seats are used in Volvo Construction, John Deere & Komatsu Forestry as well as Heavy Duty Forklifts and Container Handling machinery.