Jany Leaders in EN 1789 & KKK 1822 Ambulance Seating

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Jany European CEN & American KKK range of approved Ambulance seats,  The Leaders in Ambulance Seating

When it comes to Ambulance seating Jany have a lot of experience

When we started out in the Ambulance business 20 years ago, we did not design an Ambulance seat we thought the medical users needed. We consulted Fleet Managers, Paramedics, Ergonomics Officers, Infection Control Officers, Ambulance Workshop Mechanics and Vehicle Builders, to come up with an Ambulance seat that match the busy operations required from a front line ambulance.

Over the years our ambulance 862 seat has developed in response to changing demands on the Ambulance industry, today our seat still remains in the forefront of modern ambulance design.

We have been testing our ambulance seats since 1993 and updating our approvals to meet the changes in standards ever since, that’s why when you fit a Jany in your Ambulance you buy a “Seat for Life”

We comply with the latest European CEN:1789 and the Amercian KKK-A-1822 and when we test and develop our ambulance seat, we understand that we are fitting our seats in a vehicle that can legally go over the speed limit and go through traffic lights on red, the most dangerous environments for a vehicle to enter. We have been the preferred supplier for the majority of NHS frontline ambulances for many years.

Whether its a front line van converted ambulance or modular ambulance, a patient transfer vehicle we have a seating solution matched to your requiements. We offer easy clean seamless upholstery to combat infections and we are proud to announce that our latest 862 seat meets the new NHS criteria for sideways facing, being able to lock at 45 degree and pull tested on the lap section of the belt to 22.75KN.

We also understand that when a new ambulance is sent out on the road, it has a minmum operational life of 10 years, when it comes to spare parts we are still supplying spares for our seats fitted in ambulances 20 years ago, which are ex-stock, next day delivery from our warehouse in Derbyshire.

We still have spares available for our old Type 72, 62 and Safety ambulance seats fitted to Ambulances pre 2005 and of course keep stocks of our current 862 standard, seamless and Contour Ambulance seats which are fitted in frontline ambulances today.

For more information, contact Gary Shaw, Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd