Jany M1 Prison Seat for Handcuffed Detainees

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Jany Launch an M1 Tested Seat for Handcuffed Detainees

When dealing with a detainee in handcuffs it creates an enormous problem for the Police or Prison officers, how do you get the three point belt on the detainee, without risking safety or security?

Traditionally two officers would sit handcuffed either side of the detainee and the detainee would not have a seat belt on or use a lap belt, this created a massive problem in the event of an accident as the inertia from the detainee would be enough to take the officers arms with them.

Safety aside, the other problem to get a three point belt on a prisoner would mean temporarily undoing their handcuffs, taking them from a secure restraint to unsecured back to secure, this is not only a massive security risk, but also adds extra “stress” not only on the detainee, but also the police officer or prison guard.

Jany came up with a clever solution, a twin buckle seat that allows you to “feed” the belt through the detainee’s arms and then fasten it up like a normal three point belt using the twin belts.

We feel this simple solution is a massive step forward in the working life of both the Police and Prison service and its patented design is not only useful, but fully tested and compliant with the stringent European M1 approvals.

Gary Shaw, Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd