Jany Motorhome Type Approved M1 Folding Seat

Stina Eneman News

Jany develop a clever M1 seating system for Westfalia Motorhomes 

 When Westfalia were looking to develop a compact Motorhome based on the popular Fiat Scudo, space was a premium and turning a medium sized vehicle into a fully functional motorhome was quite a design challenge.

Westfalia turned to Be-Ge Jany to come up with a solution with a very tight design brief, they wanted 4 M1 approved seats in the passenger area and the seats to fold forwards flat to enable fold-away boards to be placed on top of the seats strong enough for the unit to become a bed.

As if the mechanism to enable a seat to fold flat and support the weight of a bed & two occupants was not difficult enough. They wanted the seats to recline, have integral seat belts, the seats had to be removable out of  the vehicle and be M1 compliant.

Jany came up with a solution with the development of their M1 825 seat which not only matched their requirements exactly, but is fully certified to meet Type approval and is tested to meet 76/115/EEC as amended by 2005/41/EC, ECE-R17/07, 74/408/EEC annex IV (as amended by 2006/96/EC) 77/541/EEC  (as amended by 96/36/EC)

Traditionally motorhomes and campers did not require “Type Approval” however as of April 2012 all brand new motorhomes/campers will require Type Approval. It is the responsibility of the motorhome manufacturer to have the new motorhome tested and certified safe for UK and European roads.

Our new M1 825 seat represents a massive step forward especially with the fact that Motorhomes come into the M1 category April 2012 and Motorhome flexible seating will be one key obstacle that is a demand from  the end user, but must meet the new Type Approvals