Jany Seat that “absorbs” Bullet & Stab Vests

Stina Eneman News

As Military vehicles intended for “non theatre use” move into the M1 category 29th April 2012, the same level of protection and “duty of care” must be afforded for Military Personnel as a normal civilian vehicle.

Jany are pleased to announce the launch of their Military M1 tested 500 Series seat with removable centre section and head rest unit that “absorbs” a bullet proof vest.

Other applications include Police Armed Response units and oficers who wear stab vests requiring maximum room in the confines of a police vehicle and a quick exit to attend an incident.

The removable headrest unit also overcomes the problem of driving a vehicle with a helmet, it brings the occupants neck in-line with the rest of the seat, minimising the risk of whiplash or the neck and spine “snapping back” into the seat in a collision.

We see the seat as a massive step forward for personnel safety and have overcome the engineering challenge of not only providing a useful functional seat, but a seat that meets the strict European M1 testing rules for passenger vehicles.

Other options are our JANY military seat can also be delivered with ballistic protection in the seat cushion and in the seatback. This gives the user optimal protection against shrapnel or bullets.Our ballistic protection is tested to : STANAG I class and have been tested with the following;


12,7 mm FSP, 13,4 g, V = 700 m/s, i.flg. STANAG 2920, 7,62 mm FSP, 2,8 g, V = 900 m/s, i.flg. STANAG 2920, 5,56 mm FSP, 1,1 g, V = 1050 m/s, i.flg. STANAG 2920


7,62×51 Nato Ball, V = 840 m/s, afstand 30 m, 5,56×45 (M193), V = 940 m/s, afstand 30 m, 7,62×39 MSC (AK 47), V = 710 m/s, afstand 30 m., 5,45×39 MSC (AK 74), V = 850 m/s, afstand 30 m

Mercedes Geländewagen example fitted with a Jany 500 Series

The first photo shows the seat with its backrest, the distance between the steering wheel and occupant is quite small restricting space within the G-Wagons cab.

This can also impede getting in and out of the vehicle and in the case of an emergency can slow down the occupants swift exit out of the vehicle.

The second photo shows the backrest removed allowing a more natural driving position and distance between the occupant and steering wheel is the same as you would find in a normal civilian version.

It also makes getting in and out of the vehicle much easier and our “one push button” 5 point harness makes exit of the vehicle extremely quick