New 3900 Drivers Seat for Heavy Machinery

Stina Eneman News

Our New Driver’s seat that puts body parts in all the right places.

Introducing our brand new seat for heavy machinery. Our new seat has a suspension unit separate from the seat itself, this offers new possibilities, especially when it comes to getting a drivers arms and feet in the right place …

“Driving an excavator today is a bit like playing the church organ only you use your hands and feet eight hours a day”, says Ulf Krause at Be-Ge Industri.

Choosing the right driver’s seats is now a science and each type of vehicle has specific demands, depending on how you work in the current machine type.

Swedish Be-Ge Industri is the world’s oldest manufacturers of sprung driver seats and delivers many of the seats which are chosen as OEM standard in many types of equipment from manufacturers worldwide.

Our new seat is ideally suited for excavators and other machines where there are heavy controls in the armrests, designed to ensure you have all your body parts in the right place to avoid repetitive strain injuries, says Ulf.

When operating a heavy duty construction machine, the placement of hands and feet are crucial for ergonomics. We are all different in our stature, but most machines and seat suppliers would prefer that we fit into the standard template. The solution is that the seat is designed in two parts. At the base sits an air suspension package that controls the hardness and its height. The entire package can slide forwards and backwards.

On top of that sits as the seat itself, which can also slide forward and backward, and adjusted for tilt, backrest etc.

The armrest and controls are fixed directly to the base suspension unit sandwiched between the upper and lower units

“It sounds complicated”, says Ulf.

But you can see it as that you get an extra dimension in the drivers comfort level.

The result is that the driver can move both the seat, complete with arms. But – he or she can then “move” with the upper seat unit – whilst the armrests do not move. This moves the arms relative to the controls and you can get a perfect placement of the hands in relation to the controls.

The fact that they are secured with an emphasis in the chassis, you can also use quite heavily equipped switch carriers with integrated hydraulics.

The same applies for the position of the feet. As the seat can be pushed and tilted relative to the base, so all drivers can get a perfect foot placement.

All controls are positioned in the seat upper unit, and easily accessible, so it’s easy to get to an optimal setting. No matter how it is “positioned”.

BeGe 3900 starts can be equipped with different designs on the cushions, height adjustable 3-point belt, vibration indicator, heating, ventilation and much more.

As an extra bonus, launched simultaneously BeGe 3800 consists of only the upper part of the 3900 unit.  It is ideal for small vehicles where comfort is important, but no height adjustment or suspension is necessary.