New Jany M1 Emergency Exit Seat for Police Cell and Dog Vans

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New Jany M1 “Emergency Exit” Seat for Police Cell and Dog Vans

Traditionally Police Cell vans only have two seats in the officer seating area, this was due to the fact that if the vehicle was involved in an accident from the rear, they needed an “exit route” from the front of the vehicle for the detainee trapped in the rear cell.

Jany are pleased to announced the launch of their new M1 825 seat that folds flat to offer an emergency exit route. This added feature also means that three seats can now be fitted in the passenger compartment, bringing the Police vehicle from a 5 officer unit, to 6 officers, which is a massive advantage on Police deployment.

The M1 seats are also used in Dog vans, giving officers an opportunity to deploy the dogs from the side doors of the vehicle, which is useful for dog handlers who wish to get their dog’s out of the vehicle from the kerb side, rather than from the rear into oncoming traffic.

Our M1 825 seat complies with the ECE 76/115 (amendment 2005/41) and ECE Reg 14.07 and is tested in the bodyshells of many popular European Van manufacturers.

Gary Shaw, Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd