New Train Instructor Observer Seat

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New Rail observer seat improves the working environment for DSB instructors

Five years in development , but at last instructors in Danish Railways DSB commuter trains now have their “Dream Cab” which has significantly improved the working environment in their S-train significantly. Be-Ge Jany A/S won the DSB coveted award for the best project work in commuter trains.

The challenge was to replace their standard instructor tip up observer seat in the cab. The original seat sat low in the cab so the instructors could not see properly out of the window and could not relay important observations to the trainee driver.

It led to many instructors standing up in the cab which is not an ideal working environment in safety terms, but also from an occupational heath point of view.

In 2006 a DSB working group was set up to come up with a solution and Be-Ge Jany was chosen as their preferred co-operation partner as a result from their work providing a wall mounted tip up seat to ambulance paramedics in the UK.

Our Type 50 seat is wall mounted, with full lumbar support and foot rest, its unique height adjustable frame, means the seat can be raised and lowered to suit the height of the instructor. When not in use it folds totally flat so has minimum intrusion in the cab.

In February 2009, the new Type 50 seat began to be installed in DSB’s commuter trains and work was completed in all their 270 trains in June 2011. “Since the instructor’s have started to use the new seat, complaints of backache and leg pains have gone away”, says  Claus H. Larsen.

The robust design of the type 50 has also improved the day to day operations, since fewer trains have to be cancelled or taken out of service because of seat failures, reducing the need for workshop visits.

As a result of the success at DSB, Be-Ge Jany have subsequently supplied our Type 50 seat on a togmesse in Berlin and have received enquiries inquiries from  train companies in Australia, Brazil, England, Germany and  Norway.

The marine market has also seen the benefits of our Type 50 and we have supplied the seat in Vessels for the Svendborg and Grenå Lanes and are currently working on a similar project in Singapore.

Gary Shaw, Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd