Testing and Quality

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All our seats are delevoped and tested in accordance with EU directives for vehicles and therefore meet the absolute highest level of safety currently available for vehicles.

The Be-Ge Group has invested in its own TÜV-approved testing laboratory and all tests are conducted under the supervision of a representative from the Department Road Safety, TÜV Rheinland or the French approval body UTAC.

The seats undergo an intensive testing procedure, which often surpasses the currently applicable legal reguirements in this area. Safety belts and restraint devices are crash tested according to the latest standards.

We constantly test our products as new vehicles and model types enter the market and our close working relationship with vehicle manufacturers sometimes mean we get bodyshells ahead of the actual vehicle launch.

We work closely with our network of approved bodybuilders to ensure our seating systems are fitted as per the approval to ensure our end users have maximum safety in the case of traffic accidents.


Be-Ge Industries Quality Policy is:

  • We will achieve the demands on us and continuously improve our Quality system.
  • We will rather work preventive than corrective and eliminate risks for deviations in our products and processes.
  • We work goal-oriented, internally through engaged and renewable employees and externally by securing that we always work with the most competent and best suppliers, resellers and agents
  • We are certified with the ISO-certification 9001