We sell Solutions not Seats

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Selling Solutions not Seats


“Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering, and providing tremendous service to customers”. – Ross Perot
We do not believe that you can just simply “sell a seat”, there is a lot more work involved to make sure we match a seat exactly to our customers requirements.

Our seat designs are based on the knowledge that different applications require different seats. For example the vibrations produced by construction vehicles or tight confines in a forklift cab require completely different seat designs than those required in trucks and buses. Our vast range of 24 hour office chairs have been developed because no two people are the same and the applications we find our seats in varies from customer to customer.

We cannot find a solution for our customers without fully investigating what our customers require,that’s why the most important tool we have in our organisation is we listen, which is why we are one of the most respected companies in the vehicle seating business.

Co-operation brings Success

Back in 1934 when Bror Göthe Persson took over a garage in Oskarshamn Sweden, “Co-operation brings Success” were his founding words and they are still deeply ingrained into our company today.  Who could of imagined that from its humble beginnings that this garage would become the home for the production of the famous Be-Ge cab which was the unrivaled market leader for many years.

After the sale of the Cab manufacturing plant to the Scania Group (Scania still produces all its cabs today on the original site and it’s one of their largest facilities) Bror Göthe Persson then started to develop his business into seating manufacturing , vehicle sales as well as several other activities.

Today, we are the world’s oldest manufacturer of suspended driver seats, with our wide product range we are today supplier of seats for, among others, trucks, buses, large and small industrial forklifts, construction- and railway vehicles.

Seating is our core business and Be-Ge is still owned today by Bror Göthe Persson’s second and third generation family. Deeply ingrained into our company are our founder’s words “Co-operation brings Success”.