Aftermarket M1 and N1 Seats for your Van

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Aftermarket M1 and N1 Passenger Seats for your Van – From Jany a market leader in Homologated Type Approved Seating

Converting a standard van to a crew van can make a shrewd investment, whilst most OEM manufacturers offer crew vans in their range with rear passenger seats, they can not only command a price premium, but sometimes they lack the flexibility of being able to remove the rear passenger seats.

Our fully approved and tested Homolgated M1 and N1 passenger seating solutions can offer the best of both worlds, using our unique twinplate tracking system, our passenger seats can be removed entirely from the van so it can be used as a full van, but perhaps at the weekend when you want to carry your family around become a 5/6 seater van derived car.

By Investing in quality tested passenger seats that meet the current VOSA and VCA M1 and N1 requirements not only make sound financial sense when you come to sell the vehicle, but also are a mandatory requirement when changing the number of seats on your DVLA log book.

We are with you every step of the way when submitting your van for a VOSA IVA inspection, we complete the VOSA IVA 19a and 19b forms on your behalf with all the neccassary testing reports and approvals enabling you to get your van inspection “right first time”.

Our passenger seats are stylish in design and come with a wide range of options such as recline, armrests, swivels, slides and designs in our Standard, Contour and Comfort ranges. We can also offer ISOfix for customers wishing to carry child seats.

Manufactured by our sister company Jany in Denmark, we are the passenger seat of choice in many blue light industries and can be found in a wide range of Police, Ambulance and Fire vehicles today.

We leave nothing to chance, and all of our products are carefully developed, tried and tested to comply with the market’s highest quality and safety standards. Our passenger seats go through quite a rigerous testing regime.

We have our own TÜV approved test facility.  We perform all tests according to EU directives on M1 vehicles and, consequently, comply with the most stringent safety requirements.  With new technology and massive investment in product development and innovation, we always have an eye to the future and we specialise in solving our customers’ most challenging problems.

We offer the complete passenger seating package and have many years experience of Type Approving commerical vehicles in the UK. We have nothing to hide and we are currently the only company to offer all our testing documentation “open” on our website for all to see.


All our seating systems are tested to

EU standards for vehicle category M1 and N1:

Directive 76/115/EEC strength of seat belt anchorages
Directive 74/408/EEC energy absorption of back of seats
Directive 74/60/EEC seat belt & restraint systems
Directive 77/541/EEC head restraint systems
Directive 78/932/EEC strength, anchorage & energy absorption of seats

Our Range of M1 and N1 Homologated Passenger Seating Solutions

We have a wide range of M1 and N1 homologated passenger seating solutions to cover a vast range of vehicles, applications and budgets