Be-Ge 3400 Bus Driver Seat

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Be-Ge 3400 Bus Driver Seat our Soft Static Seat for Comfortable Ergonomic Driving

Our 3400 Seat is a Robust Soft Static Seat designed for today’s heavy duty Bus Driving applications.

The seat is a mechanical bus driver seat that is pratically static, but offers a unique comfortable damping function giving the bus driver “The best of both Worlds”

At Be-Ge we understand that a bus driver is fundamentally constrained to the driver’s cabin throughout their shift, which does not afford much room for flexing and movement of limbs.

A static posture aggravates accumulated muscle tension with little release. This is further worsened from extended hours behind the wheel. Backache in particular is an often-reported stressor for drivers, though other areas of pain genesis from the neck, shoulder and knee are also evident. We were early pioneers in reducing Whole Body Vibration carefully designing our seats to reduce WBV

Our Be-Ge Bus driver seats are engineered by looking at the day to day role of a bus driver and analyzing their shift pattern throughout the day. We look at physical agents such as whole body vibration coupled with static postures and frequent twisting of the spine whilst negotiating busy traffic and parked vehicles contribute to lower back pain.


Our 3400 comes with a generous 120mm of Height Adjustment the seat can be adjusted via its simple to use controls to suit a wide range of Bus Drivers irrespective of Height, Weight or Stature.

Standard features on our 3400 Bus Driver Seat include Lumbar Support, Quick Release back rest adjustment, tilt adjustment of the seat cushion from -4 Degrees to + 12 Degrees, 200mm Slide mechanism and a length adjustable seat cushion, even in its basic form the seat packs some impressive features.

Our options list boasts features such as Seat belts, Armrests, Seat Heating, vibration indication monitoring all designed to further enhance Bus Driver Comfort.

All this comes at a price competitive package with the quality and knowledge that comes from the Worlds oldest suspension seat manufacturer.

Already installed in a wide range of buses throughout the UK, our 3400 comes with an impressive pedigree and a fan base of bus drivers to match.

Gary Shaw, Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd